Bullying: Passing on the heavy “rock sack”

We all have our personal baggage to carry around – a sort of rucksack full of issues like our anxieties, worries, thoughts, personal remarks or criticisms – things that often weigh us down on a daily basis.

Some people who are carrying a rather large rucksack probably have an overload of rocks in their “rock sack”. Some of these rocks are not even theirs! I notice sometimes that bullies also have a rather large “rock sack” too and an uncanny ability to find other people who are weighed down by their own “rock sacks”.

Why do bullies have “rock sacks”? It’s because, like you, they may have worries, feel sad and confused and fed up carrying all their stuff around! So they might get very angry and want to get rid of their stuff as soon as possible. So bullies who are unhappy and overloaded want to dump their “rocks” on someone else – and that someone else could be you! And yes, it does seem unfair when you are overloaded with your own heavy “rock sack”!
You may even feel that you deserve more rocks as you start to believe you should be better at carrying your own “rock sack”. Maybe you end up taking their rocks too!

So if you can speak to someone about this – your parents, teachers or someone else you trust to work out which rocks (if not all of them) should be taken off you. Remember not to take on other people’s rocks if they weigh you down and in turn make you feel miserable.