Different Love: Adult love and Parental love

Perhaps you’re a bit confused by all the different kinds of love – especially since your Mum and Dad have separated. They used to be “in love” but not any more.

This probably makes you think that their love for others can change too? You might also be thinking that love is defined in quantities and then runs out – and maybe that’s what happened with your parents?

Although love between adults can change, ‘parent love’ for children never runs out!

It’s an unconditional love. Quite simply, this means that whatever happens between them, both your parents continue to love you. You may have noticed that the situation between them has got quite messy and you might not have seen so much of one of your parents. This doesn’t mean their love for you has changed. Sometimes it could be because they are sorting out things for you and working out practicalities for your ‘new life’ with them.

You may also find it confusing when Mum or Dad meet someone new. You might worry that this new person could take some of this ‘quantifiable’ love away AGAIN. Or you may notice adults behaviour changing again. Just remember that does not mean their love for YOU has changed.

If the new person in your Mum or Dad’s life has children it doesn’t mean that your parents divide or share their love for you. If they spend more time with this new person and their child, it doesn’t take away their love from your ‘love tank’.

Love is not based on the amount of time spent with someone although it’s really good to spend as much time with the people we love.

Just remember their love for you is always there.