Introducing New Partners and the “Love Tank”

So, you have a special person in your life and you’re very keen to introduce them to your children.

Remember that your children are going to need some time to adjust and get to know this new person so a ‘soft’ introduction would be the best approach.

You could say something like, ‘”I have met a special friend who I’m getting to know and maybe one day I would like you to meet them”.

This may seem like a slow process but be mindful that your child has been a little ‘Gingerbread’ person – feeling like their share of love has been halved or quartered.

They may get confused, thinking that your love for them might be taken away by this new person. They may even think you might want to leave them for a new family or want another ‘replacement’ baby. They will certainly need time and guidance to sort out their feelings when faced with the introduction of a new ‘family’. They will need your re-assurance explaining the different kinds of loves and how parental love does not change would be truly helpful for them.