Happier and Healthier New Year 2015 – Emotional MOT and Mental Spring Clean

Why not Adult Counselling?

We arrange all sorts of check ups as part of our everyday life i.e. boilers, cars, health etc.,. We understand the importance of physical exercise to keep our bodies healthy and on track but somehow when it comes to our emotions and looking after our mental health there is resistance.

So why not learn to exercise our emotional muscle and take stock of our emotional welfare by going to the emotional gym?

It’s only talking but can often provide great relief as a mental “spring clean”.

Be your own best friend and take the opportunity to leave behind some “old rocks” of unnecessary burden and displaced guilt. Unloading during an emotional MOT will make you feel lighter.

Why not Child Counselling?

Children seem lighter, happier, relieved. We normalise  some of the emotional and behavioural reactions they might experience as a result of separation, helping them to feel less lonely.

They are able to concentrate better as they unload angst and worries – creating more space in their brain for them to work at school and feel free to be themselves again.

They can enjoy better relationships with their peers and family again, with less complicated dynamics.

As a result of feeling better, they are less likely to suffer sickness and impaired immune systems – less headaches and stomach aches.

They sleep better and develop better ways of communicating their distress or upset should they need to. They have a better understanding of their limits and are able to seek healthier ways of recovering from distress.

Their coping skills are strengthened, allowing better socialization strategies and more awareness of others around them.

On the whole there is a post therapy affect where children and parents alike develop better life skills and have better affect regulation. Children are more psychologically primed, more self aware and emotionally intelligent. It can take time for all of this to come together but the benefits of working with children is that we see the results quicker on the whole.