Separation S.O.S.: A 5-step Mentoring Program To Help You Recover From Separation

Feeling adrift or drowning since your separation? With all the New Year pressures, is your ‘new life’ proving a tough challenge when your thinking is all a bit foggy and hesitant about the uncertain future? ‘Breaking up is hard to do’, as the song goes

Perhaps you were not the one who decided on the separation so it may constantly feel like you’re on the back-foot, vulnerable, exposed, not in control and wearing ‘L-plates’ to life? Perhaps you are feeling unsure about whether you should have separated and are daunted by all the complexities of how to separate? You are not alone!

Just to reassure you – 50% of all relationships currently end in separation. And in the first instance, it is perfectly normal to blame  your former partner. However, getting stuck in the ‘blame game’ and negative patterns of behaviour can really detour your recovery and you are more likely to stagnate in passive loathing. Of course, there is a genuine need to lick your wounds and honour how you are feeling and thinking. It will be hard to concentrate at work and you will have lost your mojo and your sense of self, which had previously been interwoven into your relationship with your ex.

You are, or have been, in a state of shock and denial and so overwhelmed that you are naturally very apprehensive about the future. Does this all sound very familiar? Whilst all these emotions are normal, you may not even want to face telling family or friends about the separation yes desperately need a space to offload all these feelings? The need to find an impartial support framework and a safe space in which to recover and move on is not a luxury but a basic necessity. Only then you can recover your balance and rebuild your self-confidence again.

Start by taking the first step on the Separation S.O.S. mentoring program that can help you to move on and make positive changes. It will take some self-care and time out for you to achieve your goals but by taking charge and seeking the right support, you will start to feel more in control. We can help you to mourn the loss of the relationship but also to rediscover yourself and create an action plan that is realistic and of your own making. You will regain all your self worth and begin to believe in YOU again.

Contact either Steph on 07880 798 070 or Nicola on 07789 497 275 to take the first step forward.