Why your teenager may seek firmer roots and prefer to veer towards one home situation

Teenagers can feel very up and down and emotionally out of balance, as they are traversing a great deal of mileage in just one day! They have a lot going on physically, as this their biggest growth spurt ever, and may come across as lazy when actually they simply need more rest. They are more likely to be tired after school and not wanting to go out or do anything with you. Psychologically, emotionally and hormonally they will feel all over the place at times! So understandably they may be reticent to travel between two separated parents. They will want to set down firmer roots so as to feel safer and more grounded during a very tumultuous and ever changing time. They will seem to ‘lock down’ and avoid too many changes in one week and veer towards a simpler and easier option for them. Again this is because they have so much going on and don’t want to deal with more stress and complications.

So if you can be patient with them and try not to feel too rejected or take it personally, they will feel like you understand what it’s like for them.